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Wireless Network Design & Installation

Advances in the speed, reliability and security of wireless networking technologies are presenting businesses with new opportunities to extend the reach of their communications and data networks. Wireless Local Area Network 802.11b technologies can provide increased flexibility to an organization which can significantly enhance productivity. Office layouts can be changed without costly rewiring of offices and cubicles. Conference rooms, common areas, and even outdoor areas can use wireless technology to offer the same access to information resources and communication as traditional office spaces with wired ports.
In addition, wireless monitoring and security applications can provide oversight of areas that are difficult and expensive to wire.

Cellular Wi-Fi Technology

Cellular Wi-Fi technologies combine the extended range of cellular technology with the high bandwidth of 802.11 to create anytime, anywhere broadband data networking.
Cellular Wi-Fi technologies are based on distributed intelligence. Each Wi-Fi cell, in addition to using Wi-Fi to communicate with standard 802.11 clients, passes data wirelessly back to a Wi-Fi cell gateway, attached to the wired network. The cells continuously monitor the quality of the wireless links and forward traffic through the best available paths to the wired gateway. In this way, the cells work together to optimize performance across the network.
By optimizing for data transfer to the wired environment, the Cellular Wi-Fi systems automatically mirror the prevalent client/server architecture.

Network technology adds intelligence to Wi-Fi to enable deployments that were previously difficult or impossible. The result is broader coverage, minimal installation and cabling costs, and rapid deployments.

Wi-Fi cells require only power and can be deployed anywhere there is power. Each Wi-Fi cell provides wireless connectivity to standard 802.11b clients and extends the coverage area of the cellular Wi-Fi network. Thus solutions can be designed for indoor or outdoor environments, and even for citywide applications such as police data communications or wireless public access.

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